During the school year of 2007, Meanford had come to life in the world of Runescape.

In his early times of gameplay, Meanford had wanted to become able to create and sell rune-based products, which due to Runescape's trade system at the time, sold for quite an amount for a set. After three years, Meanford has yet to accomplish 99 in any skill, but his information around Runescape has been moderately discovered.

Meanford showed Redbull8792 (Sharpcell) the game in 2009, and ever since, they have been playing together competing on who is a better player than the other. Ironically, Sharpcell had over-exceeded Meanford's overall level within 6 months, but Meanford is still determined to beat him at something.

Today, Meanford enjoys his time with Landofflames (Land) and Sharpcell in World 31, talking to them in Clan Chat and discussing various ideas and problems, as well as playing the several Minigames and training areas with the two. When Land had received his Woodcutting skillcape, Meanford was determined to receive a skillcape as well, at least, before Sharpcell beats him in that, too.

Display NamesEdit

Meanford was his Username, and Display Name. When name changing came, he changed it to Blo0d Sparta. Recently, in April 2010, he changed it to anoyomus. He plans to change it again in the near future.